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Anti-Graffiti Painting

Anti-graffiti painting is the solution to the work of vandals. Our painting contractor will return your building to its original condition and erase the vandals’ stains. When your building needs to be cleaned, you need to call us.

Anti Graffiti PaintingAnti-graffiti painting
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Anti-Graffiti Painting Services

Train cars, buildings and bridges. These are among the most frequent targets for vandals. For every type of building out there, there is a hoodlum that will find a way to deface it. Schools, public transport and bus stops are often targeted as well. Signs, walls and fences are other sites that we clean up with our anti-graffiti painting system. Stadiums and other sporting arenas also seem to get illegally painted by vandals a lot. If you are a property manager that is searching for a painting contractor, get in touch with our office right away.

Our anti-graffiti painting program will remove the offending paint and assist you with future problems. As painting contractors, we know how much the country spends every year on graffiti removal. Do not let your property be one of the victims of the vandals. Our anti-graffiti painting process removes and cleans the offending paint. Then we will repaint the area and return it to its previous look. When possible, if there was not too much graffiti, we will attempt to match the new shade of paint to the old, and account for the sun fading that may have taken place. We will of course paint the entire building if needed, but will try to avoid it if we can. Contact us today if you are tired of looking at that mess.

One of the most effective techniques for anti-graffiti painting is the use of soda blasting to remove the graffiti. This causes the least amount of damage to the substrate and allows our painting contractor to repair the facility quickly. The next step is the actual anti-graffiti painting. We have a variety of paint types and colors to protect your building. Then, we can offer a coating that will prevent spray paint from bonding with your structure in the future. Water Tank PaintingAs your choice painting contractor, we can apply any of a number of choices in anti-graffiti painting coating. If you prefer a sacrificial, semi-sacrificial or permanent coating, we can apply it for you. Call us to explore the choices, and we will make sure to get you the perfect coating for your need.

It is clearly not your fault that your building was vandalized, but that does not matter to your clients. Your business was thriving before, and good anti-graffiti painting will bring it right back to where it was before. You do not want to let it wait too long. The longer the paint sits on your building, the more it will be seen by your clients. Hire us to be your painting contractor today. We will take care of the problem now and make it easier to handle in the future.

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We provide anti-graffiti painting in San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno and surrounding areas.

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