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Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is a great way to clean up your painting site before applying paint. Hire us as your painting contractors to have this state of the art technique prep your building.

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Industrial Soda Blasting

Before you can have a painting contractor repaint your building, you need to have it cleaned. There are many different ways to pre-clean a work site, including glass bead blasting, walnut shell blasting and coconut shell blasting. Some are more effective than others. Soda blasting is among the best, if not the best. Soda blasting is a state of the art technique that allows us to blast sodium bicarbonate at the surface. It is entirely harmless and eco-friendly. Why? Because it’s baking soda. Yes, the very same baking soda that you use in cooking. You can be sure that your clients and coworkers are entirely safe. Consult with one of our expert painting contractors today to see if soda blasting is right for your job.

It is vital that the surface cleaning process be thorough. Painting over mold or rust is a waste of our time and yours. If there is dirt underneath the paint you will notice. More important, your clients will notice. We will make sure the job gets done right by blasting the surface to make sure it is smooth and clean. When our experienced painting contractors start the process of soda blasting, you will notice that there is no pitting in your building’s surface. It is entirely non-abrasive, and will not cause heat or sparks. The process works quickly to neutralize rust and remove grease. industrial-soda-blastingSoda blasting is entirely non-toxic and non-hazardous. It is water soluble and can absorb odors. All of the above adds up to a gentle, yet effective system that will not damage your substrate. It is a very effective way of getting your facility ready for paint. Check with our office staff as soon as possible to see when we can get you scheduled.

You will find that soda blasting costs a little more than other forms of blasting. However, when you hire us your painting contractor, we will walk you through all the pros and cons. If your facility has a lot of glass, fiberglass or even chrome, we are confident you will see that soda blasting is a good choice for you. We do not recommend this method to everyone, but if we recommend it to you, it will probably be worth it. Because our painting contractors are well trained, veteran painters, they can apply the specially granulated sodium bicarbonate in way that won’t damage your structure at all. Soda blasting is not right for every job site, but we will help you decide. It might not be the decision for every facility, but modern structures with a lot of metal and glass can benefit from it. Why not call us and learn the difference right now?

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We do soda blasting in San Francisco, San Jose, Fresno and all surrounding cities.

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